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Since we’re supposed to post at least twice a week, I was thinking I could do one post each week about the current news in the world of gaming, and then one post dedicated to a certain console or genre of game. Video games have been a part of my life since my earliest memories, so throughout my experience as a gamer I’ve had and loved many different systems. Today I am a collector of oldschool game consoles. The ones I was not fortunate enough to have as a child are the ones I have to collect, otherwise I have kept all of the old consoles my brother or I ever had, and of course have kept them all in great condition (as much as possible of course, there were many a controllers thrown by my older brother back in the day). What do you guys think? Are you fans of oldschool games as well as what’s currently popular, or are you all about the new HD graphics and online capabilities and built-in Blu-ray players?



  1. Professor Atwood Said:

    I’m terribly uncool. I’m a fan of Wii games that get me moving. The others make me dizzy.

  2. Cho Said:

    Honestly, I’m very behind on game consoles but I am looking forward to reading and learning more from your blog. I like your setup, by the way, it’s very neat and well organized.

  3. wesjanson Said:

    Cool, another gaming blog. I’m mostly a PC gamer, so we shouldn’t have too much of an overlap. haha

  4. The Book Nook Said:

    I think that I might have played one of the Zelda games. Some friends of mine used to have the whole series. I was terrible at them but I did enjoy them.

    I’m kind of old school. I prefer the search/adventure beginning. It’s almost like participating in a movie instead of playing a game.

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