New Super Mario Bros. Wii-Quick Review

Super Mario Bros. is probably the first game series one would associate with Nintendo in its beginning. In the original games there was little more for a player to do than run, jump, fly, and pick up turtle shells to throw at enemies. New Super Mario Bros. Wii took that highly successful formula and revamped it quite a bit, while still managing to keep a lot of the feel of the earliest Mario games. 

The most obvious returning element to the series is the side-scrolling progression of  game play. The new addition to the series has proven that this method of play is still fun and effective.  Players who go for this game are going to want at least some of the oldschool feel of the series, and the side-scrolling level design definitely works to satisfy that craving. 

The incorporation of the Wii’s motion controls translates smoothly and efficiently. The new controller techniques are smart and not overly used. Jumping, grabbing objects, throwing, and other basic actions just require a simple button press. Fancier moves such as a spin jump make use of the motion controls and require the player to twist or shake the Wii remote in a certain fashion. The new controls, for the most part, are fun and only enhance game play. However, it is sometimes difficult to perform these movements while also trying to carry an object along, which requires holding a button down constantly. This is only a minor setback. 

The music is an element that can be debated. The inclusion of slightly remixed takes of the songs from the older games in the series are quite enjoyable, and really work to satisfy that nostalgic craving for the series. The new tracks, however, make one wonder if New Super Mario Bros. Wii is trying too hard to be a new game. The new tracks come off as cheesy at times, and the enemies on the screen even stop to dance along on occasion. This feels too cutesy for the series and makes it seem more aimed at kids. The most disappointing part of the new soundtrack is what plays after Mario jumps onto the flagpole at the end of a level. The player expects the original tune from the older games to congratulate them, and the new, more hyper-sounding tune that plays while Mario says, “It’s Mario Time!” or something of that nature is very disappointing and almost maddening. These little catch phrases that Mario has are also highly unnecessary and annoying.

Our old pal Yoshi does make an appearance in the game to aid you along your journey. Another great blast from the past and an excellent choice by the developers to include him.

The new multiplayer modes (supporting up to 4 players) are a great inclusion and make this a great game to take to a get together with friends.

Overall, this game is a lot of fun and a great reminder of just what an amazing creation the Super Mario Bros. series is. Players should start this game off with an open mind- expecting many returning elements from the older games in the series but also the mix of many new additions. It doesn’t rank nearly as high as the original Super Mario Bros. games by any means, but it’s a great game to add to any Wii game collection.

Read GamePro’s review of this game here.


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