NP’s Best Games of the Decade

In its recent March issue, Nintendo Power magazine compiled a list of the ten best games of the decade. Of course, all of the games on their list are strictly on Nintendo platforms. Seeing their list inspired me to comment on their picks, and then to provide a list of my own afterward.

Nintendo Power’s Top Ten Games of the Decade

10. The World Ends with You (DS) 
First of all, I’m not a gamer that’s big on handheld systems or the games themselves typically. I’ve never played nor seen this game played, so I can’t really offer any comment other than I’d reserve all of the slots on my personal list for console games.

9. Mario Kart Wii (Wii)
I’ve yet to play a Mario Kart game that isn’t a lot of fun, yet I find this title undeserving of holding a spot on this list. It was nice to see Nintendo dish out a racing game with a higher difficulty level than players are used to, however, and the Wii remote/racing wheel combo made for a fun method of steering. Still, this game is most likely one I’d play with a group of friends, rather than solo.

8. Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA)
I’ve only played a couple of games from this series, and this was not one of them, so sadly I cannot offer much comment on this choice.

7. Elite Beat Agents (DS)
Wow, this is one of the titles on the list that made me say, “Really?” aloud to myself as I read it. Personally, I felt like way too many music and rhythm games were released during the past decade. The trend simply exploded, and honestly it was a little annoying to see preview after preview of yet another music game. The Guitar Hero and Rock Band series are one thing, but all of the spinoffs made my head spin after a while.

6. Metroid Prime (GCN)
This is one of the Metroid games I have played, and I can honestly say I wasn’t blown away by it. The game was slow to get in to, with very tedious play and boss fights that took a ridiculous amount of time and effort. Perhaps if I’d followed this series from the beginning, I’d have been much more impressed by this title. For now, however, I must respectfully disagree with this choice by Nintendo Power.

This list will be continued in my next post! To subscribe to Nintendo Power, check out their website here.


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