Top 10 games (#4, 3, 2…)

I’m almost to the end of the countdown! These are the Nintendo titles of the previous decade that are truly worth owning, because besides being great upon first play, they also have longevity. These are the games that you’ll be popping in between releases of upcoming titles.

Without further ado…

4. Soul Calibur 2 (GameCube)
I can’t tell you how many hours of my life this game claimed during its prime, and continues to take to this day. If you’re a fan of fighting games, you’d be foolish to not give this one a shot. The Soul Calibur series is among the best of the genre. SC 2 offered an astonishing improvement from the original, which was available for Sega Dreamcast. Tons of new characters were added to the fighter roster, including a special character that depended on the platform you bought the game for. In the GCN’s case, this special character was none other than Link! SC2 also featured many new levels, an expansive solo quest, and the ability to choose from an arsenal of weapons before starting battle.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (GCN, Wii)
This game was worth waiting for the Wii release due to the impressive motion controls, which forever changed the way Link’s sword was handled. The game also offered a more extensive journey for Link, with an average file taking about 25 hours to finish with a reasonable amount of side quests completed. TP offers more dungeons and a much larger version of Hyrule to explore. As always, the soundtrack is nothing less than beautiful, but I found the biggest gems to be the remixes of the classic Zelda songs (such as the Fairy’s Fountain theme). This is the Zelda game that’ll leave you wondering where all of the hours disappeared to since you sat down to begin playing.¬†

2. Resident Evil 4 (GCN, Wii)
Another game worth waiting for the Wii release to experience the motion controls. RE 4 was a complete revamp of the series, which allowed for the ease of controlling the protagonist, Leon. Resident Evil series veterans know the paradox of the protagonist and smooth, painless controls in past titles. Not only are the basic controls impressive, but the interactive features of the game are a superb addition. For example, when Leon has to outrun something from a cutscene, the player will have to respond by shaking the Wii remote back and forth rapidly, and then help Leon to dodge by performing a combination button press indicated on the screen. Although many RE veterans argue that this game is not as scary as past titles, the horror element still clearly remains. RE4 doesn’t allow players to have a break even during a cutscene, as many of them are brief and are immediately followed by a necessary instant response from the player. The game is also pleasingly on the long end, with plenty of action and suspense to keep players working toward the ultimate goal: to rescue the president’s daughter…while not becoming a snack for the Ganados or Cultists.

Got an iPhone? Check out Resident Evil 4 mobile edition.

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My #1 Nintendo game from the last decade to come later this week! Stay tuned, folks! Also please feel free to comment with your favorite games from 2000-2009!


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