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Haunting Ground review

Let me start off by saying that Haunting Ground is proof that the failed formula application in Clock Tower 3 can actually be molded to fit into a fun game.

Haunting Ground (for PS2) was made by Capcom after CT3 was already on the market. As you may have guessed, there are a few Resident Evil-esque elements that make an appearance in the game (absurd puzzles, sound effects, etc.), but not an overwhelming amount.

You play as Fiona, a young blonde who stumbles, screams, and faints quite a bit, but honestly not too much that it’s to the point of being annoying. She can defend herself to an extent through kicking or pushing, and when at full stamina, this girl can RUN.

One of the biggest problems with CT3 was that enemies chased after you much too often, leaving barely any time for exploration or the completing of tasks. HG nicely fixes this problem, however only with half of the enemies, not all of them. There are five main enemies that come after you, and two of them seem to chase after you the right amount, two of them much too commonly, and the last enemy is not around for very long at all to factor into this equation.

This game is quite a bit scarier than CT3. The enemies are very well done, especially the second crazy antagonist, a robotic woman named Daniella, who was created imperfectly and is jealous of Fiona for being flesh and blood. She runs around laughing maniacally, and, quite frankly, her laugh is enough to make anyone’s hair stand on end. The story also adds to the fear factor well.

The voice acting, for once, is very well done! I was really impressed with ALL of the actors. This fact alone makes me want to boost my rating of the game. You just don’t see this kind of voice talent in the survival horror industry. Good job, Capcom!

Another great thing about HG is the addition of a partner for the protagonist, a dog named Hewie. Fiona befriends Hewie while stumbling through the creepy castle, and over time she is able to train him to attack enemies and help her solve puzzles. This makes the game more fun, and more worthy of its longer play time.

I would recommend this game to anyone who’s not easily freaked out, and doesn’t mind some frustration while having to stray from their quest from time to time to evade enemies. If you’re into the style of evading rather than fighting with weapons, HG is the title that does it best.

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